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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An ESOP?

An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a retirement plan that rewards employees with shares of Cemen Tech. Every year, you will receive stock in your account that will grow in value as Cemen Tech grows. It’s completely free to you as an employee and will provide a source of retirement income.

How Much Money Will I Get In My ESOP?

The contribution to your ESOP account will vary year to year, but we have historically contributed more than 10 percent of pay every year. That contribution is in the form of Cemen Tech stock, which is revalued every year by an independent third-party valuation company. It means that while you will receive new shares every year, the shares you already had from prior years will also increase in value as long as Cemen Tech continues to perform well.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Vest?

Our ESOP has a requirement that you stay at least two years at Cemen Tech, or you will forfeit the free stock back to the rest of the ESOP participants. The vesting begins at 20 percent after two years of service and continues at 20 percent per year until your sixth year of service. Once you have completed six years at Cemen Tech, the stock is yours to cash out when you leave or retire.

Why Is Cemen Tech A Employee Owned Company?

We believe our ESOP program provides the benefits of stellar performance to the individuals who are performing. Rather than have an absentee owner or a mega-corporation reap the rewards of your hard work, the ESOP puts those rewards right into your pocket. We have retired several employee-owners as millionaires from our ESOP who contributed nothing but sweat equity over their long careers at Cemen Tech and would love to see you be the next one!

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